Get Help

Get Help

Free mental health phone support for pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, and families with children 0-5 years old, as well as the mental health and medical providers that serve them. Our staff will listen and guide you to the right support — either at the Mother-Baby Program or in your community. This is not a crisis line.

Need help? Call the HopeLine.


Common Reasons to Call the HopeLine

  • Postpartum depression, anxiety, bipolar, or trauma-related disorder
  • Depression, anxiety, or other emotional distress during pregnancy
  • Questions about taking medication for your mental health during pregnancy or while breastfeeding
  • Grief and sadness due to loss or trauma
  • Difficulty bonding or caring for baby or other children Other challenges or stress related to pregnancy or parenting


For Pregnant Individuals & Parents

Links to mental health, pregnancy and parenting resources

For Children

Links to children’s mental health and child development resources

Other Resources

Links to food, housing, and mind-body-spirit resources

For Professionals

Links to support professionals



Our staff will listen and guide you to the right support — either at the Mother-Baby HopeLine or in your community.

Mother-Baby Day Hospital

Pregnant individuals and mothers receive mental health treatment 20 hours per week

Perinatal Outpatient Program (POP)

Pregnant individuals and mothers receive 6 hours of mental health treatment per week

Redleaf Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient mental health and parenting support, and integrative reproductive psychiatric care for individuals considering pregnancy, currently pregnant, or parenting a child ages 0-5 years.