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The new Redleaf Center for Family Healing expands upon the work of Hennepin Healthcare’s Mother-Baby Program, Minnesota’s first intensive mental health program for pregnant and postpartum mothers. We aim to bring the best comprehensive mental health and relationship support for families, particularly in communities that need it the most.

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Our Mission

Healing happens in relationships.

The mission of the Redleaf Center for Family Healing is to save and improve lives through multi-generational mental health, integrative, and parenting support services for pregnant and postpartum mothers, fathers, and families raising young children.

Grounded in social justice, lived experience, and research, our work focuses on the entire family. We aim to relieve suffering and break generational cycles of trauma by supporting parents in developing skills to provide the consistent and nurturing care all children need to thrive.

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We’re Expanding

Coming soon! We are breaking ground on the Redleaf Center for Family Healing early 2019.

The new Redleaf Center for Family Healing will expand the space and services of the Mother-Baby Program, and create additional opportunities to support families through a teaching kitchen, childcare center, and integrative or mind-body-spirit healing services. Sign up to stay informed.

Partner With Us

Join us in saving and improving the lives of children, mothers, fathers, and families.

Today, philanthropic support is more vital than ever. Your gift will help children and families thrive by accessing mental health, nutrition, and integrative or mind-body-spirit approaches to promote well-being and healthy family relationships. By partnering with parents, families and communities and tackling systemic barriers, the Redleaf Center aspires to shift the long-term wellbeing of children and families, particularly those most impacted by discrimination and disparities. Your support will help ensure that all families have access to outstanding care.

To fully live out our mission to save and improve lives, the Redleaf Center for Family Healing needs your support!