To fully live out our mission to save and improve lives, the Redleaf Center for Family Healing needs your support.

Today, philanthropic support is more vital than ever. Your gift will help children and families thrive by accessing mental health, nutrition, and integrative or mind-body-spirit approaches to promote well-being and healthy family relationships.

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By partnering with parents, families and communities and tackling systemic barriers, the Redleaf Center aspires to shift the long-term wellbeing of children and families, particularly those most impacted by discrimination and disparities. Your support will help ensure that all families have access to outstanding care.



Our staff will listen and guide you to the right support — either at the Mother-Baby HopeLine or in your community.

Mother-Baby Day Hospital

Pregnant individuals and mothers receive mental health treatment 20 hours per week

Perinatal Outpatient Program (POP)

Pregnant individuals and mothers receive 6 hours of mental health treatment per week

Redleaf Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient mental health and parenting support, and integrative reproductive psychiatric care for individuals considering pregnancy, currently pregnant, or parenting a child ages 0-5 years.


For Pregnant Individuals & Parents

Links to mental health, pregnancy and parenting resources

For Children

Links to children’s mental health and child development resources

Other Resources

Links to food, housing, and mind-body-spirit resources

For Professionals

Links to support professionals