P4 Psychiatry Clinic

Outpatient psychiatry services for women who are considering pregnancy, currently pregnant, or parenting a child ages 0-5 years.

The P4 Psychiatry Clinic offers mental health support for women with mood, anxiety, or trauma-related disorders who are considering pregnancy (preconception planning), currently pregnant, or parenting a child ages 0-5 years. 

Our team of perinatal psychiatrists supports women and families make decisions about how to take care of their mental health during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or parenting young children.  This specialized field of psychiatry is called Perinatal Psychiatry, or Reproductive Psychiatry. 

Our treatment is grounded in the latest evidence-based research about use of medication during and after pregnancy, and also in our partnership with women and families who are working hard to take care of themselves and their baby or children. 

Care in the P4 clinic will be in the context of an integrative, trauma-healing, and multi-generational framework to foster self-regulation and executive function, improve parent capacity, and cultivate supportive relationships. 

We use a whole-person approach that encourages women and families to consider how movement, nutrition, connection, purpose, psychotherapy, and sometimes psychiatric medication, can relieve suffering and foster emotional wellbeing.  

We will weigh the potential risks and benefits of using medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding with the risks of un/undertreated psychiatric conditions.  We will partner on a plan for healing together and continue to evaluate and adjust the plan as needed throughout a pregnancy or the early years of parenting. 

Call the Mother-Baby HopeLine at 612-873-4673 (HOPE) or our main number 612-873-6262 (MAMA) to learn more.